Rachel Anderson ~ Author

I’m so glad you found me!

  • I write for children, picture books and MG…I dabble in YA
  • I write books that I’d want to read; books that make me smile
  • I write to give life to the stories inside my head
  • I write for the kid in me
  • I write for your kids
  • I write for you

Libraries and book stores are full of GREAT books, written by AWESOME writers; designed by ILLUSTRIOUS artists and illustrators. It’s my hope that the books I write will find their place upon the library shelves, that you will think my books are GREAT, and that you will have an AWESOME time reading them, to yourself or to others. Click on Books and Such to see my debut middle grade historical fiction – The Puppy Predicament, geared toward upper elementary kids (9-11/12).