Write knowing you will revise, then work at revising until you get it right.

Lagatha’s Curse

“A gripping fantasy for teen readers!”

Summer is ending, and winter will rule the land.

In Lagatha’s Curse, an ancient tree, Shashra, separates two cursed tribes by summer and winter. When seventeen-year-old Dantel, of the summer Lagaths, crosses the river to explore the forbidden mountain, he finds a red stone on a woven cord. The stone burns him, which ignites a passion to find out what it is, and who it belongs to. He eventually comes face-to-face with a girl from the winter Lagaths. She comes for the stone, for it is her life force. Dantel is compelled to save her life. Together, they uncover answers about their two tribes and the curse that binds them all. Determined to end the curse and bring their tribes together, the duo venture into the unknown, as they learn of a powerful enchanter who controls Shashra. To free their tribes, they must travel to Shashra and confront Rulyen, the evil enchanter holding the strings.

The Puppy Predicament

Surprise! Eleven-year-old Emily Hanover learns that her neighbor’s golden retriever had a litter of pups. Mutt pups! When she finds out her neighbor doesn’t want them, Emily is determined to rescue the pups and keep them a secret. She soon DISCOVERS that puppies are loud, always hungry, and a whole lot of work! How is she going to keep them fed AND keep them hidden? Emily takes on the challenge. And maybe, just maybe, if she does a good job, she can convince her parents to let her keep a pup for herself. Set in a small Michigan town in the mid-1960’s, Emily learns how to stand up for herself, be true to her commitments, and to never, EVER, give up.

A Review : “Emily is a sixth grader with a lot on her mind and a lot going on in life! The story draws you in right from the beginning and each chapter left me wanting to go to the next. This is a good read for ages 9 -12. I enjoyed the infusion of family experience during the Vietnam war but also the normal day to day references, which in today’s high-tech atmosphere is a welcome reflection.” L. Peters

  • I write for children, picture books, middle grade and young adult
  • I write books that I’d want to read; books that make me smile
  • I write to give life to the stories inside my head
  • I write for the kid in me
  • I write for your kids
  • I write for you

Libraries and book stores are full of GREAT books, written by AWESOME writers; designed by ILLUSTRIOUS artists and illustrators. It’s my hope that the books I write will find their place upon the library shelves, that you will think my books are GREAT, and that you will have an AWESOME time reading them, to yourself or to others.